PUSHY started as a long-fantasized side project for Travis Clow of Crag Dweller and Adam Burke of Fellwoods. They wanted a band that'd make you want to light your bushes on fire/take your pants off/stop showering/give up on Dry January/put off your taxes/kiss random people/dig holes/throw away all your post punk records. Ron Wesley of Hosmanek, known throughout the land as the one and only love child of Peter Green and Billy Gibbons was destined to add his prowess and charm to the project, and Neal Munson of Billions and Billions finally provided the low down grease to make it all grind. Please crack open a cold one... well, several cold ones, and get down.


Portland, Oregon


Pushy (7 of 7) at The Fixin' To on June 17th, 2017

Pushy (2 of 6) at The Tonic Lounge on October 20th, 2017

Nasty Bag at The Tonic Lounge on October 20th, 2017

Pushy (5 of 7) at The Know on November 19th, 2016

Pushy (3 of 7) at The Fixin' To on June 17th, 2017

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Hippie Death Cult, Holy Grove, Mos Generator, Pushy High Water Mark Lounge October 13th, 2018 10/13/18
Earthless, Pushy Dante's September 27th, 2018 09/27/18
Color, Gardener, Monarch, Pushy The Know January 11th, 2018 01/11/18
Acid Wash, Pushy, Red Fang Dante's December 16th, 2017 12/16/17
Earthless, Mammoth Salmon, Pushy The Tonic Lounge October 20th, 2017 10/20/17
Golden Promise, Pushy, Wow and Flutter The Fixin' To June 17th, 2017 06/17/17
Bobby Peru, Pushy, яabbits The Know November 19th, 2016 11/19/16
Banquet, Humours, Pushy The Fixin' To September 25th, 2016 09/25/16
C Average, Pushy, Quayde LaHüe The Know July 2nd, 2016 07/02/16
Pushy, Sacri Monti, Sunshifter Brekken’s June 15th, 2016 06/15/16