Name Venue Date
Agalloch, The Keening, Thief McMenamins Crystal Ballroom September 23rd, 2023 09/23/23
Blade , Danava, ROCKY MTN ROLLER Black Water September 19th, 2023 09/19/23
Obedient , The Gutters, The Whirlies Turn Turn Turn September 15th, 2023 09/15/23
Cancer Christ , EYEHATEGOD , Goatwhore Dante's September 12th, 2023 09/12/23
Firebreather, Haunted Horses, Usnea Lollipop Shoppe September 10th, 2023 09/10/23
Bewitcher, Blood Star, Intranced, Spell High Water Mark Lounge September 8th, 2023 09/08/23
Clarko, Cut Piece, Nick Normal The Fixin' To September 4th, 2023 09/04/23
Cloak, Ghost Bath, Lividus , Year of The Cobra Lola's Room September 2nd, 2023 09/02/23
Hoaxed, Ludicra, Rhododendron , UADA, WILL, YOB McMenamins Crystal Ballroom September 2nd, 2023 09/02/23
Eneferens, Entrain, Mo'ynoq High Water Mark Lounge August 24th, 2023 08/24/23
Cut Piece, Grosero, Retirement Black Water August 23rd, 2023 08/23/23
Arüspex, Grieven , Sepulchral Decay, Spill The Sïx Below Midnight August 19th, 2023 08/19/23
Facet, Molt, Stammering , States of Nature Shanghai Tunnel Bar August 17th, 2023 08/17/23
Crystalarium, Mystic Visions, Percolator , Unspeakable Carnage No Fun August 13th, 2023 08/13/23
Messer Chups, Sgt. Splendor, The Delstroyers Dante's August 12th, 2023 08/12/23
Curling, Exciting!!Excellent!!, Frantarctica, Pretending The Fixin' To August 11th, 2023 08/11/23
Axefear, Burial Rites, Contrapact , Dödläge, Entrain, Genogeist, Gr!ma, Impulse Noise, ManeateR, Netherrealms, Nightfeeder, Open Veins Concatenate Fest August 5th, 2023 08/05/23
Arid, Generation Decline , Grave Depression , Grievous Pain, Infuriate , Löckheed, Malakili, Phane, Rot//Wöven, Siege Fire, Vacuum Concatenate Fest August 4th, 2023 08/04/23
Alora Crucible, Cold Stars, Faun Fables Azøth August 3rd, 2023 08/03/23
Abronia, Casual Violence, Dahliad, Die Geister Beschwören, Faun Fables, Grails, Inhalant, Mnemonic Pulse , Nasalrod, Soriah, Wicking Ground Lúnasa Cascadia July 30th, 2023 07/30/23
Alum Occulta, Datura Blues, Earth Women, Kayo Dot, Lizard Skin, Sammy Fielding, Semuta, To End It All, Valôurian Theatre, WILL Lúnasa Cascadia July 29th, 2023 07/29/23
Alora Crucible, Black Magdalene, CV, F-Space, JWW(Moonbladder), John Haughm, Railing, Scot Jenerik, Solara Obscura, THROATEATER, Thief, Universal Monster Lúnasa Cascadia July 28th, 2023 07/28/23
Asomc, Cradle of Judah, Darkwraith Covenant, Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, Headstone Bridgade, Hope & Failure, Luna Negra, Mingus Maps, Scott Hawkins, Sleeping With The Earth Lúnasa Cascadia July 27th, 2023 07/27/23
A Smile Full of Ale, Arún, Behalf, Black Tapestry , Memphis, Shifting Harbor , Terror Apart , Ure Thrall Lúnasa Cascadia July 26th, 2023 07/26/23
Tacos!, XDS Lollipop Shoppe July 9th, 2023 07/09/23
Deathgrave, Hellshock, Malakili High Water Mark Lounge July 8th, 2023 07/08/23
Alum Occulta, Glasghote, deathCAVE Lollipop Shoppe July 6th, 2023 07/06/23
Equalize, Fatal State, Masque, Sweat Dante's July 4th, 2023 07/04/23
Cardiel, Ladrones, Luna Negra High Water Mark Lounge July 3rd, 2023 07/03/23
The Bomboras, The Boss Martians Dante's July 2nd, 2023 07/02/23