Name Venue Date
Funerelic, Larvae, Villainous Temple Coffin Club June 3rd, 2023 06/03/23
Alum Occulta, Ebony Pendant, Predatory Light High Water Mark Lounge May 27th, 2023 05/27/23
Casket Flesh, Dripping Decay, Pink Mass Black Water May 25th, 2023 05/25/23
Conan, Thra, Usnea Polaris Hall May 24th, 2023 05/24/23
The Fauxs(Fifi et les Fauxsfauxs), The Lobotomen, Truncheon Things Lollipop Shoppe May 21st, 2023 05/21/23
Joey Ramone Birthday Tribute Swan Dive May 19th, 2023 05/19/23
Dagger Points, The Schizophonics, The Sellwoods Dante's May 17th, 2023 05/17/23
Green Milk From The Planet Orange, Møtrik High Water Mark Lounge May 16th, 2023 05/16/23
Creature Party, New Here, The Wild Jumps World Famous Kenton Club May 13th, 2023 05/13/23
Charts, Guantanamo Baywatch Black Water May 10th, 2023 05/10/23
Deathblow, Kazmer, Malakili, Saint Breaker High Water Mark Lounge May 5th, 2023 05/05/23
Grimiss , Hired Hounds, Phantom High Dante's May 4th, 2023 05/04/23
Glacial Fall, Mnemonic Pulse , Nathanael Hill Kelly's Olympian May 1st, 2023 05/01/23
Collate , Railing, The Fauxs(Fifi et les Fauxsfauxs) Black Water April 29th, 2023 04/29/23
Cancer Christ , Fathers Milk, QT Anon, Shell Shock, Spit Locket House Show April 25th, 2023 04/25/23
45 Grave, Temple , Vueltas Dante's April 22nd, 2023 04/22/23
Feed Fatigue , Inny, Ssold, Tongues High Water Mark Lounge April 20th, 2023 04/20/23
Greatest Country Missus, Hutchie , Tim McBride & The Divide Shanghai Tunnel Bar April 16th, 2023 04/16/23
Annapura , Kazmer, Moxie Beat Black Water April 10th, 2023 04/10/23
Coffin Rot, Gorgatron , Maul , Oxygen Destroyer High Water Mark Lounge April 9th, 2023 04/09/23
Abronia, Blackwater Holylight, Cold Gawd Mississippi Studios April 8th, 2023 04/08/23
Autopilot is for Lovers, Soda, Storm Boy No Fun April 6th, 2023 04/06/23
Firebreather, Kvasir, The Well Coffin Club March 31st, 2023 03/31/23
Purification , The Atomic Bitchwax, Witch Ripper High Water Mark Lounge March 29th, 2023 03/29/23
Smokey Kingdom, Tortoise Revolution Hall March 28th, 2023 03/28/23
Meatwood Flac (Fleetwood Mac Tribute), The Shee Bee Gees (acoustic Bee Gees Tribute), Y (X tribute) Turn Turn Turn March 25th, 2023 03/25/23
Christa Buckland and The Broken Hearted, Jesco Payne and the Painkillers, William Surly High Water Mark Lounge March 23rd, 2023 03/23/23
Hällas Star Theater March 18th, 2023 03/18/23
Christian Mistress, Spirit Possession , Stainless Mississippi Studios March 17th, 2023 03/17/23
Chueko, Deathcharge, High-Functioning Flesh, Puerta Negra High Water Mark Lounge March 15th, 2023 03/15/23