THIEF is night music for haunted ballrooms and electric churches.

Based in Los Angeles and fronted by D. Neal (ex-Botanist).(Bandcamp Bio)

Los Angeles, California


Full Set at LĂșnasa Cascadia on July 28th, 2023


Alora Crucible, Black Magdalene, CV, F-Space, JWW(Moonbladder), John Haughm, Railing, Scot Jenerik, Solara Obscura, THROATEATER, Thief, Universal Monster LĂșnasa Cascadia July 28th, 2023 07/28/23
Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, Hail, Hex Furiosa, Noisepoetnobody, Other, Pamphletamine, Taylor-Rae Yarrow , Thief, WILL Litha Cascadia, Red Hawk Avalon June 17th, 2022 06/17/22